Friday, April 2, 2010

Video Update

I actually made this video a couple of weeks ago, but realized I had uploaded the wrong video then, and then I realized that I needed to upload it to Youtube for it to work. I've come a ways since then! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Although he doesn't break it down like a lesson, this guy is pretty helpful as a play along buddy. His tempo is quite quick however.

Just A Little Mention

Hey! So I found out that I can make alterations to some of my chords, not only to create variety, but also for more effective and easier transitions from one chord to the next. Danny has taught me a certain pattern of chords, however, when I have researched the song tabs, there has been unique adjustments to them. I have even tried them, and they do contribute a unique sound to the song. In this way, I can gather segments that best suit We Are Going to Be Friends, and make it my own! This is exciting :) I am practicing very regularly now, and the most difficult part for me is transitioning from C chord to G, however, I have altered my G chord in the fourth line of every chorus, adding a finger so that I can easily transition into D chord. The bridge requires a lot of transitions, and because all of the other verses are repetitive, it adds the A chord, and creates variety. Video has also been very helpful for me--even though they all teach it a bit different.

I Can See the Light!

My song is progressing nicely, I played for Danny this morning and he is very impressed at where I can come since I started.-- Confidence Boost! I haven't mastered my song just yet, however, I feel the itch to try new songs. If it weren't for this very busy upcoming month, I would probably try new songs, other than those that we get at the start of EMUS. I guess that's what summer is for! I will be posting a video within the next couple of days to show you my progress.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ye Have Little Faith

Yes, I am writing a post within hours of the last one, and yes, this one will have a much more positive tone. I CAN DO THIS! I just finished a session (Sorry, no recording this time) with Danny, and I feel a million times better about this learning my song. I realized that up until now, I had been practicing chords, and learning them, but never "fitting" them into the song, and piecing them together. Now I know how they fit, and that the song is quite repetitive (other than the bridge, which Danny quipped: "We will cross that bridge when the time comes"),
I can practice whole-heartedly. I know the chords, and the order, and the fingering patterns, and now I just need to work on quick transitions. Also, matching the lyrics up to chord changes is a major help, because it will be an automatic cue for me! Five weeks, and I will have this song down!!

Danny is beyond a wonderful teacher. He makes himself available to me, encourages me, and shows me new things on the internet, such as Youtube videos (which teach it slightly different, and with less chords), and tab charts.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel,
You can do it Sarah!

Shame on me.

It is with shame that I admit that I have neglected my blog for a whole month. February flew by like a breeze, and now I am feeling the immense weight of catching up, bearing down on me like a ton of bricks. I went away for ten days to Victoria during the middle of February, all of which I did not have a guitar to practice on. These are not excuses, but only reasons. I feel like my hard-earned caluses have retreated. Tonight I will resume my lessons with Danny, and I suppose I will evaluate my situation from there. Perhaps I will have to alter my proposal slightly, so that I at least have something I am confident presenting. I have been attending the beginner guitar lessons in class, but I think that if I just focus on learning my song, I can get through this. Finding time is the hardest thing for me right now, and I am beyond overwhelmed. I really wish I could commit more time and energy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tortoise

So, I'm off to a slowww and steady start, consistently practicing for about 5-10 minutes (almost) everyday. Right now I am working on the chords, only trying to master them, while not learning how they actually fit into the song. This is frustrating because I just want to GO, GO, GO! Danny says I need to be patient, and that once my calluses build up, and I can start transitioning from chord to chord, then we will start putting the segments together. I guess I am frustrated, but it is part of the process. Lately, the anxiety of the overwhelming workload of five classes has instilled fear that my final practical exam will be a flop. What if I can not play the whole song, and only a part of it? Is it enough to only learn one song? I guess we will find out.